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Your kitchen was meant to be enjoyed

This Article provided by Laila Khimani one of our Valued Partners

For most people that are nearing retirement, home renovations become a focus. Updating the home is often put on hold when the kids are younger (for they shall wreck it anyway).  Then later, renovations are put on hold while kids' extra-curricular and post-secondary education needs take precedence.  As people transition from being empty nesters to retirees (often with overlaps), the thought and want to renovation comes to the surface. 

In a previous Condo for Sale: Kitchen refacing to the rescue blog post, we learned that a Canada-wide survey of over 750 Royal LePage real estate experts agreed that a kitchen renovation is the clear upgrade of choice with the potential to boost a property’s value by more than 12.5 per cent.  At Kitchen Facelift, we believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home and meant to be a place you enjoy being in.  A great many conversations, laughter, and bonding happen in the kitchen.  So it makes sense to take advantage of enjoying your kitchen, your heart of the home, and at the same time, boost your property's value.

Some things to consider when renovating your kitchen

You do not need to do a complete gut out

Kitchen refacing replaces all your doors and drawer fronts with new ones.  The cabinets are kept intact (swapping for new only for those cabinets that are not in good shape). 

Consider converting cupboards to pot drawers

Drawers are inherently easier to organize than shelves in a cupboard.  Kitchen Facelift drawers are full extension allowing you to open the drawer completely and see all its contents.  No crouching down or kneeling to pull things out to find what you need.  Your knees will thank you!  

Incorporate pull outs and Lazy Susans

Use various pull outs and Lazy Susans to get at unreachable areas:  Garbage pull outs and Lazy Susans are easy to install during a refacing project.


Why choose refacing?


Save time: Kitchen transformations average 2-3 days (versus several weeks with a full kitchen renovation).

Save money: Kitchen refacing is less expensive than a full kitchen renovation.  Even adding modifications such as pot drawers, pantries, a new island is wallet-friendly when paired with refacing the parts of the kitchen you don't need to change.

Choose the Green option:  If your cabinets are in good shape, there's no need to throw them into a landfill.  Get them refaced and choose green. Increase the value of your home:  As discussed above, your property value can increase as much as 12.5 percent!

Less mess: Kitchen refacing doesn't create nearly as much dust as a full kitchen renovation.  Great for allergy sufferers!
Choose Canadian and choose local:  Products are manufacturered in Canada.  Kitchen facelift is a locally run family operated business.


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Kitchen Facelift

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